ATTENTION: Due to supply chain shortages, we are experiencing a delay of approximately 3-4 weeks in the delivery of our medical kits

EMS Expedition

EMS Expedition

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The Expedition Emergency Medical System is our medium medical kit. Equipped to treat patients from minor ailments to major trauma. The kit is packed out in a 21” x 17” x 8” lifetime warranty Pelican case. This crushproof, watertight case maintains buoyancy up to 75lbs. All the medical and trauma supplies are organized in our Rapid Response Organizational System (RROS) for quick access during a medical emergency. The Expedition includes supplies and equipment ranging from basic over-the-counter medication and bandaids to military grade tourniquets, burn dressings, and an oxygen cylinder.


+ Pelican waterproof case
+ Ammonia inhalants x6
+ Trauma sheers x1
+ 2x2 gauze x8
+ 1” medical tape x1
+ Eye shield x2
+ Alcohol prep pad x8
+ Iodine prep pad x8
+ Emergency blanket x2
+ Gloves x6
+ Saljet solution x6
+ Scalpels x2
+ Permanent marker x1
+ Glucose x2
+ Syringes (x8 if RX kit is included & x2 if RX kit not included)
+ Oral rehydration salts x6
+ Benadryl x6
+ Tylenol x6
+ Motrin x6
+ Dramamine x6
+ Imodium x8
+ Aspirin x8
+ NexTemp thermometers x6
+ Steri-Strip x3
+ Triple antibiotic ointment x8
+ Band-aid strip x20
+ Tweezers x1
+ Knuckle bandage x10
+ Orajel x1
+ Tincture Benzoin x4
+ Ready heat blanket x1
+ O2 unit x1
+ Headlamp x1
+ Blood pressure monitor x1
+ Glucose testing kit x1
+ Wound closure kit x1
+ RX kit x1 (optional add on)
+ 365 / RX Card, & prescription (optional add on)
+ Hard splint x2
+ Triangular bandage x4
+ 3” Self adhesive wrap x2 
+ Elastic wrap x2
+ 2x2 gauze x2
+ 4x4 gauze x2
+ Surgical stapler x2
+ Staple remover x1
+ Iodine swab x2
+ Iodine prep pad x2
+ Alcohol prep pad x2
+ Lidocaine topical gel x1
+ 8” Burn dressing x2
+ 4” Burn dressing x2
+ 2” Burn dressing x2
+ Kerlix x4
+ Burn cream x1 
+ 6” Trauma dressing x2
+ 4” Trauma dressing x2 
+ 2” Medical tape x1
+ 2” Self adhesive wrap x2
+ 5x9 ABD x4
+ 4x4 ABD x4
+ Chest seal x2
+ NPA 32fr w/ lube x2
+ NPA 28fr w/ lube x2
+ Pulse ox x1
+ BVM x1
+ Nasal Cannula x2
+ Tourniquet x2
+ Celox x2
+ Kerlix x2
+ 5x9 ABD x4
+ 4x4 ABD x4

ATTENTION: AEDs are currently on a manufactured backorder. We do not have an ETA on when they will be available. We appreciate your patience and continued support of our company.